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Valerie Wallace

All the art here was conceptualized, drawn, cut, and printed by me.

I have been making art (mostly printmaking) for the last 20 years. I received my BFA from Washington University (St. Louis), my MFA from Northern Illinois University, and taught printmaking and design at Portland State University for six years. I've exhibited widely across the United States and my prints are included in numerous private and public collections. 

I live outside of Portland, OR with my husband, kids, geriatric pitbull, and a well-worn etching press.

I am currently working on three series of art: 

With the PRESIDENTS and MY HEROINES series, I use a variety of drawing and printmaking techniques to reflect upon (mostly) American historical and current events in a satirical and thoughtfully critical way. Each piece depicts an individual symbolically caught in a moment of time. 

With the PORTRAIT series, I draw people throughout history that I respect and am fascinated by. One notion that I am exploring with these works is to make art that is affordable (whether it's a print that you hang in your home or wear on a t-shirt). 

I welcome any questions you may have about my art. Please contact me at vwallaceart@gmail.com